If you see a dark red and elevated edges on your skin and if it itches more than normally, then it must be definitely ringworm. It should not be ignored because it could be harsh if it spreads whole in the body. It itches a lot that you would like to scratch them every time. It should be cured by finding the best ringworm treatment quickly.

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Ringworm is basically a fungal infection which effects the top layer of the skin. It effects so badly that it leaves a dark red patches on the skin for long time. Your hair, nails and face can be effected by this infectious disease as well. As the ringworm loves the moist environment it effects the skin folds mainly and due to this reason these areas got highly effected by this infection.

So, if you have ringworm then you must find some better cure for it as soon as possible before it gets severe. List of some possible medication are given below which could help you to get rid of ringworm. Examine them out.

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This medicine is mainly developed for curing ringworms only but many other fungal infections can also be cured by this medicine. People effected with ringworm can use this medicine as a good ringworm treatment. It should be utilized only after prescribing by any expert physician only. It mainly kills the fungi & stops the development of it. You will find that most of the doctors are also recommending their patients to use this cream twice a day. The possible duration for curing the ringworm completely depends upon the location & severity of the infection. But, normally it takes two to four weeks to treat it completely.


This is another medicine for curing the ringworm effectively from other drugs or creams. This medicine stops the development of fungal infections that prevents the production of membranes that surrounds the fungi cells. It also shows its response within two weeks only but it takes six weeks to cure this infectious diseases completely. This is a very effective cream and mostly prescribed by the physicians nowadays. It is really available as over the-counter or prescription drug, depending on the manufacturer.

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Sometimes it showed few side effects also like vomiting, nausea and over itching. But the ringworm gets completely removed by it if it has been used regularly as per prescribed by the physician. This cream is also known as a good ringworm treatment nowadays. Brand names for this medication is Mycelex & Lotrimin.


This medicine is used for curing trifling ringworm infections. It is not effective for treating fungal infections on skin as well as on nails. This is basically an anti-fungal medication which kills the fungi due to which the infection causes. After using this cream you will notice that the burning, itching and redness of the skin vanishes quickly.

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If this cream is applied continuously for two weeks then it could be possible to get relief from the severe ringworm quickly. Even physicians also prescribes this medication for curing this infectious disease quickly. This is also a nice ringworm treatment for those who are facing trouble from ringworm.


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